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Gain efficiency, speed and control with digital billing solutions.

Improve the way you bill and accept payments through the latest technologies and our electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) solutions. Offer more ways to receive payments from customers, reduce manual processing and improve visibility with real-time information.

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Improve both customer service and staff efficiency.

See how our latest electronic billing solutions give your customers more ways to pay, which maximizes your ability to get paid on time. The solutions also allow you to apply cash faster and more accurately to improve cash flow.

Why you should automate your receivables.


Make it easy for your customers to pay by offering convenient electronic payment options.


Get paid quickly to increase cash flow and decrease days sales outstanding (DSO).


Improve reconciliation and posting while reducing time and cost.

What is U.S. Bank eBill Service (EBPP)?

eBill Service is a cloud-based electronic bill presentment and payment solution that improves electronic receivables, reduces billing costs and meets customers’ changing payment needs.

What matters most is exceeding your customers’ expectations, while improving your billing processes. Watch how eBill Service enables customers to pay bills conveniently – how, when and where they want.

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eBill Service offers choices for customers to make secure payments.

Drive digital adoption with multiple channels, payment types and frequency options all while improving overall customer satisfaction and retention.


  • Online and mobile payments
  • Pay-by-Text
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Client customer service

Payment types

  • Coming soon: Apple Pay®and Google Pay
  • E-check
  • Credit cards


  • One-time (guest payment)
  • Recurring
  • AutoPay

eBill Service has easy-to-use portals for your customers and teams.

Self-service portal for customers.

  • Make and schedule payments
  • Enroll in payment alerts and paperless billing.
  • View billing and payment history.
  • Use the 24/7 chatbot to get answers to questions.

Administrative portal for front- and back-office teams.

  • Make and schedule payments for customers.
  • View customer payment history to answer inquiries.
  • Consolidate payments, settlements and remittances from multiple sources.
  • Retrieve multiple robust reports.
  • Use VantagePoint™, our integrated receivables solution, to monitor payments, auto-match remit data and reduce exceptions.
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Faster payments accelerate dollars and data.

Instant payments allow you to get money in the door and settle funds quicker.

Learn about real-time payments

Get answers to your electronic billing and eBill Service questions.

EBPP is a system that allows bills to be created, delivered and paid online.U.S. BankeBill Service is an EBPP that streamlines biller operations, reduces costs and provides a fast, simple and secure way for customers to view and pay bills.

Electronic bills, also known as eBills, are convenient bill displayed online. Our eBill Service is an effective online bill payment solution for delivering electronic bills to customers and collecting utility payments, insurance premiums, auto or mortgage payments, membership fees and charitable donations. You can also use it to collect payments forstate, county and city government clients, such as taxes, licensing fees, vehicle registrations, child support, permits, parking tickets and traffic violations, among others.

eBill Service consolidates payment collections, settlements and remittances from multiple channels, eliminating check collection, return items and exception handling. Alternative payment channels improve cash flow and decrease receivable process costs.

Digital payment and billing expertise from U.S.Bank

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The future of consumer bill pay is real-time.

From faster delivery and settlement to increased transparency, here are four ways Request for Payments are changing consumer-to-business bill pay.

See how your business can benefit

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The next consumer bill pay evolution means better business.

The bill payment hub of the future consolidates multiple payment types into one file for easier business management.

Find out how it works

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Improve government payments with electronic billing platforms.

State and local governments can use electronic billing to move citizens from standing in line to pay bills to paying them online.

How online billing helps governments

Get expert help with digital and electronic payment solutions..

Find out how ebilling and digital payments can advance your business by speaking with a U.S. Bank team member about electronic bill payment and collecting payments online.

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