Spaghetti With Fried Eggs Recipe (2024)



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While pasta is cooking, mix raw egg in a bowl with cheese and black pepper until whites and yolks are mixed, cook bacon in strips or cubes in a frying pan. When pasta is ready mix everything together in another bowl (not a hot one) and mix well. If you like you can add more cheese. This is "Pasta alla carbonara". Very popular in Italy. In my recipe the egg is added raw, and it gets slightly cooked by the contact with hot pasta.


I've been making this for years and have discovered you get a better result by separating the eggs, cooking only the whites, then adding the raw yolks at the end. Whites get fully cooked, and raw yolks better coat the pasta. I don't find the cheese to be necessary. My favored pasta is Manischewitz extra-wide egg noodles.


any time pasta (macaroni, no matter the shape, when I was growing up) is involved, it's delicious. Period. Pasta and wet cement. Pasta and dried leaves.

sprinkle with toasted bread crumbs, too....


This is not carbonara. It is easier and more straightforward. It's an emergency dish, one you do when you have no time or special food in your fridge, such as pancetta and pecorino.
Don't do it for more than 3 people, or it won't work. Use thick spaghetti, cut the garlic thinly, fry it gently and let it in the pan, keep the yolk liquid, add a bit of salt and lots of pepper. Amazing, thanks for the recipe

Jackie Seal

What is this thing you call "leftover pasta"?!?



I was home alone and feeling sorry for myself and this recipe made the world right again. I had a tin of anchovies open so added one to the oil, along with some green onions that were wilting in the frig and a dash of red pepper flakes. Delicious and comforting. Next time I feel a funk coming on I'll reach for this recipe again.

Kemala Tribe

Made this for years for my little egg loving son - to the point of intentionally setting aside dinner pasta for the next morning. Why make it complicated? Throw leftover pasta in skillet with a little heated oil (a tiny bit of water helps if spaghetti is stuck together, as another commented noted), crack your eggs into the skillet, swirl it around a bit, add cheese of choice. Done. Delish. No garlic for breakfast at my house, but that's just me. Dinner's a different matter.


You can also simply cook pasta, drain it, then stir in an egg. This results in a creamy egg coating over the pasta. The heat of the pasta alone will completely cook the egg. I usually grind a bunch of fresh pepper on top. Parmesan if you have it is a great addition as is a little heavy cream.


It takes a little practice to time the eggs so they're not overcooked before adding to the pasta, but it's a favorite and last-minute dinner standby in my house. But, I don't understand why you'd toss out the garlic! Add it to the dish and it just adds more flavor.


Easy and very good. We added some chopped tomatoes, capers, chopped green olives and a little soprasetta to the pan before we fried the eggs.


Great as-is or with substitutions/embellishments. Two things I like to do whether I am embellishing or not are: (1) add a pinch of Italian seasoning, which I always have on hand; and (2) drain the pasta only slightly or add back in some pasta water to make the dish a bit saucy. I put everything back in the pot I cooked the pasta in, rather than add the pasta to the eggs in the skillet.

Gregg McKee

I like it best with addition of red pepper flakes.


You can also simply cook pasta, drain it, then stir in an egg. This results in a creamy egg coating over the pasta. The heat of the pasta alone will completely cook the egg. I usually grind a bunch of fresh pepper on top. Parmesan if you have it is a great addition as is a little heavy cream.


I like to add a handful or two of baby spinach, chopped with a couple of scallions, right as the eggs are going to come out of the skillet.

Passion for Peaches

Made as directed -- not trying to turn it into carbonara, per comments -- and it was excellent. Used thin spaghetti for "fluffier" mouthfeel, included cheese (necessary, IMO). Timing on eggs a bit tricky, to have them end at the same time as pasta and still be runny. Did a quick over-easy to get the raw white on the top (around yolk) to cook. Finished in fry pan (for drier texture) with a splash of pasta water and generous dusting of cheese and pepper, and drizzle raw olive oil. Fab!


Add marinated artichoke hearts to the oil with the eggs


I laid the kale on the counter and brought a small fan in and let it run for an hour or two, and then the kale was dry


I love this recipe. It's the perfect comfort food on days when I'm short on time to cook a meal. I serve it with a cold tomato salad. The family loves it.


Chili crisp is an AMAZING addition to this!

Cooker Ash

I would recommend leaving the garlic in (or at least some of it) and I always top with fresh parsley - adds a bit of colour and flavour!


So, I take it the garlic isn't added, but used to flavor the oil?


I used gluten free egg fettuccine which cooked in 3 minutes. Added the garlic to the oil and the noodles as soon as the garlic started to change color. Scrambled the eggs slightly and mixed into the noodles. Some salt and pepper and then grated parmesan and thinly sliced green onions. Oh. My. Had to force myself to stop eating. Yum.,


I add hot sauce (red hot) and parm after serving it, and while cooking the egg season with a bit of MSG and cayenne pepper. So flavorful and deep but probably one of the easiest dishes to cook up and very filling!

Ed Z.

What happens to the garlic? Did you (gasp!) discard??? Or (ahhh...) add back as a topping? I think we all know the correct answer here.


I love this meal. Super quick, especially if you use fresh pasta, which cooks in 2-5 minutes. It’s so versatile. You can use whatever noodles you have on hand, including soba, spinach, and other flavors. You can add some browned bacon, ham, guanciale, or other for a fake carbonara. I also confess to eating leftovers for breakfast…if there are leftovers, which isn’t often!


So yummy! I reserved yolks and started cooking whites first, then added pasta, poured yolks on top, (turned stove off), and quickly stirred everything while breaking up whites and preventing yolks from clumping - to keep smooth and creamy. Tasted like a good carbonara because whites were cooked and not throwing off the flavour of yolks. I forgot to add the remaining olive oil before whites so dumped a bit in after yolks, and a bit of pasta water. Will make again!


I added a touch of basil oil to the finished product. Delish!


We find that reducing the olive oil and adding the eggs a little rawer gives best results- we also like to increase the number of eggs.


This needs hot sauce! Or some kind of chili sauce


Perfect weeknight dish. Of course I doctored it up a little by adding a couple of anchovies, since I had them on hand. But the real star here was the eggs. My hens lay some pretty nice ones, and this recipe was the perfect way to take advantage of those bright orange yolks and super fresh whites. This one's a keeper.

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Spaghetti With Fried Eggs Recipe (2024)
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