Boldt Castle Webcam (2024)

1. Boldt Castle Webcam - Uncle Sam Boat Tours

  • A Must Do! This boat ride is truly enjoyable. We have now done this ride three straight years, and it doesn't get old. The tour narration is very informative.

  • Closed until April 2024!!!


  • Search this site. Skip to main content. Skip to navigation. · Home · Other Cameras · Contact ·

  • Video Credits to

3. Webcams -

  • Live Stream on YouTube.↑ Help support us by Subscribing to our channel! Our Original live feed. Alex Bay looking at Boldt Castle.

  • Live Stream on YouTube.↑ Help support us by Subscribing to our channel!

4. Official Boldt Castle Website – Alexandria Bay NY in the Heart of ...

5. Webcams in Alexandria Bay, New York, United States - Baysider

  • Webcam. This Alexandria Bay Webcam shows a view of the Aquazoo Alligator Tank ... That is Boldt Castle out in the distance. Brought to you by Skiffs ...

  • Plan your next trip or vacation with and visit Bays, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels and many Attractions world-wide.

6. St. Lawrence River Webcam: Clayton - Thousand Islands NY

  • Clayton - Thousand Islands NY - St. Lawrence River Webcam.

  • Clayton - Thousand Islands NY - St. Lawrence River Webcam

7. Live webcam: St. Lawrence River - Boldt Castle

  • May 2, 2009 · Lawrence River live on the web (with the Boldt Castle area in the background) thanks to Located in Alexandria Bay, NY, see it ...

  • Have you seen the St. Lawrence River live on the web (with the Boldt Castle area in the background) thanks to ? Located in Al...

8. 【LIVE】 Webcam Alexandria Bay - New York | SkylineWebcams

  • One of its notable landmarks is Boldt Castle, a historic castle that was commissioned by millionaire hotel magnate George C. Boldt in the early 20th century ...

  • Yo, virtual traveler! Dive into Alexandria Bay with our live cam. You'll be chilling by the St. Lawrence River, checking out boats, andsoaking up its vibes!

9. The 2 Nation Tour - Alexandria Bay - Uncle Sam Boat Tours

  • ... Webcam; About About Sub Menu. FAQ · Job Opportunities · Boldt Castle Hours of ... Boldt Castle admission is extra but you may tour as long as you wish before ...

  • Expanding on the route of our Millionaire Row tour, takes a 22-mile journey through the international waters of America and Canada. Giving you the best view of this truly unique geographical area shared by two nations and you don’t even need a passport!

10. Alexandria Bay, NY Weather Webcam | Thousand Islands Bridge

  • Nov 19, 2022 · It has many popular attractions, including Boldt Castle and Yacht House, Boldt Yacht House, Heart Island, making it well worth a visit.

  • Watch this live HD webcam in Alexandria Bay, New York. The island is home to two state parks and is a popular destination for camping

11. You've never seen New York like this: Boldt Castle (video)

  • Aug 13, 2020 · George Boldt crafted the Rhineland medieval castle as the ultimate testament to his love for his wife, Louise Kehrer Boldt. He set out in 1900 ...

  • Soar over the grandiose castle of the 1000 islands.

12. Fall Cams 2005 - EarthCam

  • Boldt Castle Cam View of Boldt Castle in Watertown, New ... Marietta Webcam View of the Putnam Bridge and the Ohio River in Marietta, Ohio ...

13. The Castle Interior — Official Boldt Castle Website

  • The Castle Interior · The Ballroom · The Billiard Room · George Boldt's Suite · The Grand Hallway & Staircase · The Library · The Reception Room.

14. St. Lawrence Seaway Ship Watchers Network | Facebook

  • Please feel free to add ship photos below with a St. Lawrence River theme (Boldt Castle in the background, a lighthouse on the River, etc). Any photos ...

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Boldt Castle Webcam (2024)
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